Precast concrete products including kerb stone, concrete tiles, saucer drains, milestones and sign boards are used to accomplish various important functions like demarcation, pavement, drainage and landscaping.



Precast concrete products quintessentially fulfil the landscaping needs of the railway industry. Concrete boards, concrete benches, route markers, drain covers, fencing, RCC pipes, ramp tiles, railway coping tiles are chiefly employed at the railway stations.

Tele Communication

Tele communication

Reinforced concrete products including RCC pipes, manhole chambers, route markers, trench & cable covers are embedded to ensure effective management of optical fibre cables predominantly used in the telecommunication sector nowadays. Solar Industry.

Water Industry

Water Industry

Irrigation supply, rainwater water and sewage management are chiefly carried out using precast concrete pipes, manholes, manhole covers. RCC products eliminate the possible risks of sulphide acid attacks prevalent in sewer pipelines ensuring durability. storm water, tunnel and shafts.



Concrete products prove durable and robust, hence concrete paver blocks, interlocking tiles, concrete walls and concrete jalis are employed in housing development for pavement, aesthetical enhancement and security purposes.

Other Commercial Sectors

other commercial sectors

Products like concrete paver blocks, interlocking tiles, concrete dustbins, concrete planters, jersey barriers, kerb stones are usually lodged at parks, community centres, offices, malls, university campuses, parking areas, ports to enhance the landscaping and development.